Pizza truck package for up to 50 people 


 1.5 hours of service time,

2 pizza chefs,

Four of your favorite pizza's and

the Mixed Green Salad




Up to 50 People $1400 + tax & gratuity

$20 per person for additional people


*Beverages, other catering items, 

additional service staff are available 

Pie Variations

Always Wood-Fired


San Marzano Tomatoes/ Fresh Mozzarella/ Parmigiano/ Olive Oil/ Fresh Basil.

Seasonal Veggie

San Marzano Tomatoes/ fresh mozzarella/ Grated Parmigiano/ Olive oil/ Fresh basil and fresh mixed vegetables

Pistachio & Goat Cheese

Stracciatella Cheese/ Goat Cheese/ Pistachio / Honey

Bacon Jam with Gruyere Cheese

Sweet and Salty Bacon Jam spread / Gruyere Cheese


San Marzano Tomatoes/ Fennel Sausage/ Fior di Latte/ Olive Oil/ Garlic/ Chili Flakes/ Reggiano cheese


Caramelized Onions/ Gruyere/ Lemon Oil/ Parmigiano

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted garlic/ Romano cheese/ Mozzarella cheese/ Bread crumbs

4 Formaggi

Mozzarella cheese/ Fontina cheese/ Gorgonzola cheese/ Parmigiano cheese/ toasted walnuts/ drizzle of spicy honey

Wild Mushroom

Stracciatella Cheese / Sautéed Wild Mushrooms/ Truffle Oil

Ricotta Rosemary

Ricotta/ roasted garlic/ fresh rosemary/ rosemary infused olive oil/ Honey/ Chili flakes/ shaved Manchego cheese

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Pick up to 4 toppings and create 

your own pie masterpiece.




Penne Vodka

Wood-fired Wings

Lamb chops


Served in small and large trays

Nutella Pizza $2 pp




[gluten free]



Wood-fired ovens can cook so much more than pizza.  Ever have a wood-fired rack of lamb, wings, or lime shrimp?  


Maybe you have some ideas of your own- we are more than happy to cater to all your party demands!



Prices upon request



extra menu items

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Italian Sausage

Pulled Pork/ Brioche

Pork Chops

BBQ Chicken Pieces

Philly Cheese Steak

Green Salad

Grilled Steaks

Shrimp Satay

Beef Satay

Lamb Chops

Chips and Salsa

Corn on the Cob

Ice cream/ Yogurt Bar

Fruit Salad


*Inquiry Further for Extra Menu Items

on the grill

All Beef Hot Dogs


Wood-Fired Chicken Breast


Home-made Potato Salad

Asian Pasta or Classic Macaroni Salad

Cole Slaw


Sliced Tomatoes, Cheese, Lettuce, Red Onions, Pickles, Ketchup, Mustard, Sour Kraut, and Onion Sauce.

the finish


Chocolate Chip Cookies